Ken Brenner Collection / Coming Together Through the Magic of Art


Art is love, magic, beauty, and the expression of true self all combined into one. It represents spirituality, therapy, and a window into a person’s soul and being. It exemplifies pain and struggle, but also portrays happiness and success.

When the ability to produce art is taken away from an artist, they lose a lot of their capacity to express emotion, as well as their connection to the world around them. For artist Ken Brenner, being diagnosed with ALS limited his ability to communicate in this way as well as his power to manifest beauty through his art. He needed a lending hand, and he found that through a young Latino artist. While going through the struggles of his diagnosis, he crossed paths with Octavio Molino who had faced his own set of challenges growing up in Mexico before immigrating to the US.

Meeting Octavio gave Brenner an additional year of painting when it was most crucial that he was able to do so. Being able to paint helped Brenner through the hardship and the struggles of dealing with ALS. Octavio and Ken formed an incredibly special bond. Octavio provided the energy that Ken needed, and Ken offered him mentorship and support. When they painted, Ken laid down the color and Octavio integrated the design.

Coming together through any type of collaboration is always special. To trust in the process of co-creating is very unique. It takes an unspoken ability to look at the universe and allow its energy to flow through a person, into the collaborative space, and ultimately onto the canvas. It takes the ability to open one’s heart to another soul and share in the reflection of life. While the realization that nothing is forever can be one of our most daunting tasks, it can also be one of our greatest gifts. It serves as a reminder to live in the present moment and to always let love guide the way.

Paint for a Cure’s collaboration with Ken Brenner carries the magic created through another unique partnership. Only this time, the collaboration is focused on ALS. It brings together two artists suffering from ALS, Ken Brenner and Eric Weinbrenner, who found refuge and solace in art. ‘Paint for a Cure’ is also a non-profit organization whose mission is to help families suffering from ALS by raising funds, through art, to help cope with the daily challenges and the financial burden that ALS imposes on them.

‘Paint For A Cure’ selected two of Ken Brenner’s art pieces to spread their magic to more than just the owner of the original work. Through this collaboration, ‘Paint for a Cure’ is looking to share the joy of how therapeutic painting is to Ken and Eric during their fight with ALS. It seeks to provide families suffering from ALS with that same feeling.

‘Paint for a Cure’ is turning Ken Brenner’s works into wearable art, and raising funds by selling them to the public. The special collection of t-shirts is a reminder of how fragile life is, it is a reminder of the importance of coming together to help others in times of need, and to express ourselves and love while we have the ability to do so. It is a reminder of coming together through the magic of art.