Paint For A Cure’s mission is to support those impacted by ALS by easing the financial burden that can come with the disease. Watch as we carry out our mission and deliver support to those families! Thank you for your donations and support for these families!

Ewonce Family

It was such a pleasure to help the Ewonce family, this $10,000 donation will help the financial burden brought on by ALS . Thanks to Len Splane, Cory Muro, Chantal Joseph and Jam for a Cure team we are able to help yet another family affected by ALS.

Lehto Family

Brett Lehto was diagnosed with ALS last year. His voice is almost totally gone — uses a device to help speak. They have a 5 year old daughter, an 8 year old boy and two 14 year old twins. Brett would say he’s just okay. Jenifer works full time and then some to support all of their kids and their sports. Their 8 year old son wrestles and the twins compete in rodeos (barrel racing). She and Brett have expressed that they do not want the struggle with ALS to take their passion for these sports away from the kids.

Thompson Family

Darin and Nikki Thompson have been married for over 10 years with two wonderful children. Darin suffers from ALS and the family needed to remodel a bathroom to make it more accessible and functional for Darin’s needs. Paint For A Cure is honored to help with the expense of this much needed renovation.

cALS Giveaway!

To show our appreciation for the people that care for patients with ALS, Paint For A Cure gave away $1,000 to 5 deserving people! cALS are Caregivers of patients with ALS, their efforts and sacrifices are so appreciated and needed to help with the terrible effects of ALS. 

Thank you to the cALS, Amy Michaud, Taytum Popp, Irene Mikitarian, Jesalyn Asafyeva and Lonnie Price for all you do!

Futch Family

The Futch family has a daughter with ALS and Paint For A Cure was happy to help out with a monetary donation to assist them with covering the expense of a bathroom renovation to accommodate the needs of their daughter.

Boreson Family

Kelli’s husband Michael who had ALS, recently passed away. Kelli & Michael have 3 loving children. Paint for a Cure is so grateful, with your support, to be able to provide a financial gift to her to help her as she raises her children.

The Castro Family!

John Castro has a loving wife and two young twins. They needed a home that could better serve them as they live with the burdens of ALS.  Paint For A Cure is honored to help the Castro family.

The Graves Family

The Graves family is currently fighting the challenges that ALS brings. They have a 2 year old boy and Paint For A Cure was honored to be able to help them financially as they deal with the burden of this disease. 

The GRaves Family Donation from ALS Charity

Jeff & Mindy!

Jeff and Mindy needed help renovating their home to make it more accommodating to a person with ALS. Paint For A Cure, with your generous donations was able to assist them with the much needed renovations.