Creating for a Cause

This Program focuses on raising funds to assist families impacted by ALS, through Art by organizing fundraising events. We invite people to take part in raising funds by engaging them in the therapeutic and healing process of creating art.

An annual fundraising event that invites artists, performers, and donors to gather for a special
event and cause. The event features an auction for donated art pieces that will eventually go out as donations to families impacted by ALS.

Understanding your ALS

Paint For A Cure strives to Educate families impacted by ALS on how to cope with the disease on a day-to-day basis, and aids families through donations in the forms of funds, equipment, or tools. See all of our Family Giveaways here!

ALS Stories

Houses all experiences and learnings from patients, caretakers, and experts allowing families impacted by ALS to cope with the disease and its daily challenges. Using artificial intelligence and augmented reality platform, the program facilitates the conversation around ALS and knowledgesharing to walk through the ALS journey together.

ALS Together

Donates to families impacted by ALS to alleviate the burdens of the disease on the families, and to assist with the daily challenges caused ALS. This project donates funds, equipment, and tools to families nationwide. Stories of the families are also shared as they become part of the ‘Paint for a Cure’ community.